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Fourth of July Barbeque

  • Tennis World NYC, Fort Washington Park 5365 Hudson River Greenway New York, NY, 10033 United States (map)

July 4th is the official beginning of summer and the semi-official start of grilling season, so let's have a barbecue to celebrate both! And since this is a tennis group, and since the only way yet discovered by humankind to improve a barbecue is to mix it with tennis, let's play tennis too!

Cooking, eating, drinking, hanging out, making empty boasts, and fighting duels to the death over the proper use and application of ketchup — not to mention forming hundreds or even thousands of excellent new friendships — generally commence around noon or so and continue indefinitely, with tennis and everything else woven in (and out) as everyone pleases.

The rules are simple.

Bring as many guests as you'd like.

Also bring some kind of food, drink or picnic supplies.

Join us in the shade on the field directly north of the tennis courts (as in right next to them) and have fun!!! 

Needless to say, we'll also have the usual full day of tennis, so if you want to play (and burn off all that food and drink we'll all be scarfing down!) just sign up for those sessions as usual once they're posted and announced.

So what are you waiting for? RSVP already before it's too late and you spend the rest of your life wondering why on earth you did something totally lame on Memorial Day instead of playing tennis, hanging out with friends, and eating way too much awesome food and drinking way too much awesome drink!

Of course, it would be slightly inconvenient if we wound up with twenty tanker trucks full of turkey burgers and no buns to put them on, so please do remember to use the comment field either when you RSVP or at any time down the line to let everyone know what you'll be bringing — that way we can all coordinate.

And again, please remember to sign up for whichever of the day's tennis sessions you'd like to play in once they're posted as well as for the cookout — hitting and playing will probably be a little more fluid than usual, but people who have signed up will of course get precedence when it comes to court time.

We look forward to seeing you all on the courts — and at the grill!