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Together with his team, Rafa Nadal has created a unique training system, based on the experience acquired during all his years through the ATP circuit. This method includes the formation on values that, without a doubt, have been a fundamental element for the achievement of his triumphs. Rafa Nadal has converted his training place into a high performance tennis center. The Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar opened its doors in June 2016.

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The international tennis academy combines tennis and education, so that the students can continue their tennis career without sacrifice to their academic studies. The Rafa Nadal Academy is very focused on children and young adults, but it also counts with different training programs for adults, all programs are adapted to the level and needs of each player. On the other hand, the team of the Academy is formed by a group of experienced coaches, directed by Toni Nadal. Some of them have accompanied Rafa along his sport career. The team he has always trust is actively involved and has an important role in the Academy.


Location: Manacor, Mallorca Spain

Dates: Weekly Camps from June 23 - August 25

During the summer months, children and young tennis lovers have the opportunity to spend a week or more training at Rafa Nadal Academy's international tennis camp. They train with the best tennis trainers and under the training system that has led Rafa to the number one. Rafa Nadal Tennis Summer Camp is considered one of the best tennis summer camps for kids in the world, due to the incredible technical team, in charge of the trainings and the playful activities. We also have impressive facilities, fully equipped to assure a sport experience above the expectations of anyone.

What does the Summer Camp program include?

  • 22 hours of tennis training per week

  • 5 hours of physical fitness training / Sports activities

  • 4.5 hours of fun activities

  • Accommodation at the supervised residency within the Academy

  • Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner

  • Medical attention, physiotherapy and nutritional care

  • Leisure activities

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WEEKLY PROGRAM AT THe Rafa Nadal Academy

Location: Manacor, Mallorca Spain

Dates: Weekly Programs from September through June

This weekly training program for kids is personalized and tailored to the characteristics of each training group, using the methodology that Toni Nadal and the Rafa Nadal team have created and developed according to their experience with Rafa Nadal. The program offers quite intensive tennis lessons for kids. Thus, our coaches expect the players to have already been playing tennis between 3 and 4 years and training between 6 and 8 hours a week. The objectives of this weekly tennis program are:

  • To maximize your strengths; minimize your weaknesses with the training techniques of Rafa Nadal and his team.

  • To carry out the training with a clear objective, applying the maximum concentration, with no differentiation in this respect between training and competitive matches.

  • To educate players through sports, positively impacting them through the transmission of values that will help their personal development