Tennis World NYC has partnered with Marina Tennis to offer you more group classes at more locations. Try a class today on the Lower East Side at East River Park with Marina today!

You must purchase a Downtown Class, SINGLE OR Package for the 2019 Season to attend at East River Park. 2018 GROUP ClASS PACKAGES ARE EXPIRED AND CANNOT BE USED FOR DOWNTOWN LES CLASSES.


Location: East River Park, Click Here for Directions

Beginner Group CLASS

This group class is well suited for newcomers and for players who already know basic tennis strokes (forehands, backhands, volleys and serves), but still struggle with consistency, court movement and footwork. Pros will help you work on your tennis footwork, get familiar with scoring, and tennis etiquette. Some singles and doubles tennis strategy will be introduced in this class. Afterwards, players will get a chance to practice their moves during point play. This group class is designed to be fun and informative for everyone involved. 

Intermediate Group CLASS

This class is focused on improving players’ footwork, stroke consistency, ball control and placement on the court. More attention is paid to singles and doubles strategy and point play. Pros will go more in depth while explaining technique of forehand, backhand, overhead, volley and serve.  A variation of competitive tennis drills will be introduced in order to prepare participants for future match play opportunities! 

 Cardio Tennis CLASS

Join us for an ultimate, high-energy, full body tennis workout - with music! Open to players of all ability and fitness levels. Orange level tennis balls will be used during this lesson to keep players moving and hitting more. Cardio tennis classes are broken down into three phases: warm up, cardio workout, and cool down.  Have fun playing tennis and meeting new people while burning calories and getting in shape!

Please note: A minimum of 2 students are needed for group classes. Class may be cancelled if minimum 2 students are not registered in advance. Registered students will be called with as much advance notice as possible.

Your First Class

  1. URGENT: Read the Directions directly from the Tennis World Website by clicking here.

  2. Plan to arrive an extra 15 minutes early before your first class to meet the instructor, get signed in and ask any questions.

  3. If you do not already have a racquet, a limited number of demo racquets will be available for shared use during classes. A quality racquet is essential to protect joints and prevent injury. After class, ask the pro for further recommendations on purchasing a quality racquet within your budget.

What to Bring

  • Athletic Shoes

  • Racquet

  • Water Bottle

  • Hat/Sunscreen

  • Sweat Towel