Join our special Family Play Day events May 13th & 21st and June 4th & 17th where families and kids of all ages and skill levels come together for an afternoon of fun!  You’ll also get to meet our instructor and learn about our incredible Summer Program and US Open Field Trip. Tennis is one of the few sports that can be enjoyed as a family, and learning together is great motivation for everyone!

Play Days are a fun two hour events filled with games, tennis instruction and special giveaways. Children will be on one court together with an instructor leading fun drills and games. Parents will get on the court to learn some fundamental swings and try having as much fun as the kids with their own drills and games. Existing members can register and join for the cost of a 1 Hour Group Class.  New members can join the Family Play Day for Free!  Click the link below and use code: PD17. Create an account and register for the day of your choice.