The #1 Women's Player in the World, Serena Williams Teaches Tennis MasterClass 

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The most important way to improve any skill is practice.  But if you're really passionate about Tennis and want to grow fast or take your game to the next level, then you need to step up your education.  Its important to learn the game of Tennis from all aspects: step-by-step instruction on form, competing with other players, analysis from Pros or Coaches, and study through books and video.  Yes, even Tennis has homework!

Most people invest huge amounts of time practicing or in lessons, only to go home and lose the knowledge throughout the busy work week.  To truly excel, stop backsliding when you go home and continue to grow with lessons from a Champion.  If you want to hit and serve like Serena, learn directly from her with fun, interesting videos and training guides.  Serena Williams Teaches Tennis MasterClass covers everything from fundamentals to game day strategies, presented in clear, enjoyable lessons.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who really loves Tennis, from Beginners to Advanced Players, Children & Adults and want to take their game to the next level quicker.

The online course also includes two incredible bonuses: a workbook with key instructions and featuring suggested drills to improve your serve, and the ability to submit questions in each lesson.  Many are reviewed and some even receive an answer from the great Serena Williams herself!

Serena Williams Teaches Tennis MasterClass video course includes 10 lessons:

  • Introduction

  • Groundstroke Fundamentals

  • Mastering Groundstrokes

  • Controlling the Court

  • Mental Toughness

  • Net Play

  • Training

  • Game Day

  • Making of a Winner

  • The Serve

Serena offers explanations of the fundamentals that are easy to follow and understand.  This isn't an overwhelming, bit by bit analysis.  The instruction is focused on overall concepts like how to prepare and use your body weight, positioning the ball and aligning your body.  These are the concepts that need to be taken to the court and practiced until mastered.

The insider tips on Groundstrokes and Serving alone are priceless, but just as incredible are the lessons on Mental Toughness.  Serena really digs into how she deals with pressure, how she works on her strokes, and how she prepares for the match.  These are the skills that take someone from good to great, from an athlete to a champion.  

The Serena Williams Teaches Tennis MasterClass will be enjoyed by any player, male or female at any age.  Buy it for yourself or as a powerful and thoughtful gift for another Tennis Enthusiast.  Study at home with Serena Williams and then practice those valuable words of advice.  Please use the link here to purchase.