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I have had my 4, 7 and 9 year old children take tennis lessons before at other tennis locations and am so happy to have found Tennis World NYC. The tennis pros didn’t just instruct them, they actually coached them to the point where they were seeing improvement in technique & strokes on a weekly basis. I am just as happy as them to see them improve.
— Kristina
Robert is an amazing coach. I started playing just over a year ago, and have worked with several coaches. However, none of them really looked specifically at my game. Robert works with me on my individual game. He knows me as a player, and he pushes me without overwhelming me. He challenges me and yet makes me feel completely comfortable. He is the best coach I have ever worked with. My game has greatly improved after working with him. I can’t imagine playing tennis without a coach like Robert.
— Martin
I’ve been taking classes with Tennis World NYC since last summer and am having an absolute blast. I first started with some friends and got hooked - basically, it’s a fun workout based around tennis drills and games. Perfect for someone like me who abhors running or getting on a treadmill - this class tricks me into exercising hehe. Plus, it’s a blast and I’ve met some pretty cool people and fellow tennis lovers in the class.
— Sammy